Anna Kasman

Anna Kasman is the driving force behind Australia’s popular Sushi Jiro brand

Meet Anna Kasman

Anna Kasman is known in the Australian food industry as a trend setting entrepreneur, unique sushi architect, and well-regarded industry figurehead.

Best Known for her unique culinary flair and unwavering commitment to honesty and directness in business relationships, Anna is the visionary behind Australia’s much loved Sushi Jiro restaurants and their unique menu of fresh, exciting sushi creations.

Anna’s vision centres around her passion for sushi craftsmanship, transcendent dining spaces, and her dedication to delivering unparalleled culinary experiences.

and Causes

As a natural collaborator Anna has partnered with fellow chefs and industry experts to bring her creative vision to life. Through food industry initiatives and her work with charities that promote sustainability and responsible sourcing, Anna’s contribution to the broader Australian food industry is just as meaningful as the success she’s had in business.

Passion for FOOD

Anna’s obsession with food began in her early years, influenced by her heritage and her love for culinary excellence. With a focus on the cultural significance of sushi, Anna’s rigorous tenacity and pursuit of excellence has helped her introduce new audiences to a fresh and exciting approach to the sushi art form.


Anna’s direct and reliable approach to lasting business relationships has earned her the respect of industry Professionals and peers alike. Anna’s emphasis on honesty and accountability in all of her business dealings sets her apart as a trusted figure in the culinary world amongst vendors, franchisees, and staff.

Sushi Jiro:
Tradition Meets Innovation

Anna’s vision for Sushi Jiro revolves around blending traditional sushi craftsmanship with innovative techniques and flavours. She has assembled a team of highly skilled sushi chefs, all trained to uphold her values of honesty, accountability, and high quality. This ensures that every Sushi Jiro location delivers an unforgettable experience.

Industry Thought

As a sought-after expert in the food industry, Anna shares her insights on trending topics such as sustainability, innovation, and the future of the culinary world. Her emphasis on ethical business practices has made her a respected voice within the industry.

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Anna Kasman

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